If you're looking to add Waterbirth to your offering or you are a seasoned Waterbirth Provider, you've come to the right place. We carry structurally engineered Birth Pools that are durable and cost effective. Some of our Birth Pools are warranted for 40 births and are able to get many more. We are privileged to work with Midwives on a daily basis and are always happy to provide complimentary information whenever possible.

If you have a question about setting up a Waterbirth Program and would like operational details, we are happy to help. While some Midwives rent out their Birth Pools to each patient, others prefer to have their patients' provide their own Birth Pool. We carry Birth Pool Liners and Accessories and can tailor a Kit for your customers. We recently added some basic Midwifery Supplies to our offering, for more convenient one-stop-shopping.

We aim to provide as much information as possible. We have posted Specification Sheets on all our Inflatable Birth Pools as well as a “what do I need” for those just getting started. We also post the latest Waterbirth Studies for your referral and when available a downloadable pdf for your use.

Longevity of an inflatable Birth Pool depends on storage and handling. Storing your Birth Pool at room temperature is a good practice and keeps the Birth Pool from getting brittle during cold weather and stretchy during hot weather. A durable storage container is a Once you are providing Waterbirth, please list yourself in our Waterbirth Provider Directory, so expectant parents can find you.