Are you considering Waterbirth at your facility? The primary benefit to providing Waterbirth is pain relief leading to patient satisfaction. The second benefit is an undisturbed birth with lower medical intervention including reduced c-section rates. Lastly, there is a competitive edge to providing Waterbirth. More and more women are asking for it and they will go where it is offered.

Critics of Waterbirth claim that there is a lack of Waterbirth Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs). While that is true, having a researcher determine a woman’s method of delivery poses a challenge for setting up a trial. There is, however, data available. Two US databases of recorded births that demonstrate Waterbirth safety exist in the US. The first is the Midwives Alliance of North America’s Statistics Registry. MANA Dataset 2.0, covering 2004-2009, includes comprehensive data on 24,000 births, 30% of which were Waterbirths. The second database is the Perinatal Data Registry compiled by the American Association of Birth Centers . Of the recorded 15,000 births recorded 2007-2010, 4,000 births were Waterbirths. There were no fatalities or neonate problems associated with Waterbirth in either of the data sets. Additionally, AABC found a lower hospital transfer rate for neonates born in water. Both these databases have been scrutinized and have upcoming research papers bound for publication.

Besides these two powerful databases, we can provide you with International Waterbirth studies and relevant articles about Waterbirth. We have links to PDFs and published information whenever copyright law allows. If a copy is not available for distribution, you will still find it in our Bibliography.

Setting up a Waterbirth program takes some planning. Taking into consideration the room size and layout will help determine if permanent acrylic birth pools are an option or whether an inflatable birth pool program can be employed. Creating Protocols and guidelines for your staff is critical and is often accompanied by Waterbirth Certification of Care Providers at minimum and often training of your entire staff. We offer complimentary assistance with Acrylic Birth Pool Specifications, Inflatable Birth Pool Specifications, Room Layout Advise and Protocols. For training, we work in partnership with Waterbirth International and can give you a referral.

Often, the toughest element to instituting Waterbirth at a facility is satisfying an Infection Control Dept. We can provide sanitation recommendations and all of our products are designed with infection control in mind. Once you are providing Waterbirth, please list yourself in our Waterbirth Provider Directory, so expectant parents can find you. Please contact us with any questions as we are happy to help you facilitate Waterbirth.