Fathers-To-Be Handbook (book)


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Fathers-To-Be Handbook

by Patrick M. Houser

A Road Map for the Transition to Fatherhood

With the publishing of this book the potential for the family has entered a new era.  Expectant and new dads are provided support for their new role like never before.  The author invites men to embrace their parenting potential and emplowers them to do so throughout this book.

Praise for the Handbook:

“As fatherhood approached I found very few ways to sustain my experience of becoming a father. Patrick’s book gave me an opportunity to explore my relationship with myself, my partner, my baby and my own father, for which I am eternally grateful.”

Jamie Colston, new father

“Throughout the text, which combines interesting research with anecdotes, it retains a delightful, personal feel, as if you’re in conversation with the author. He avoids patronising the reader, and…excitingly, dares to push a few boundaries to help a man extend his view into parenting, and indeed life.” Veronika Robinson, editor-The Mother Magazine, author-The Drinks are on Me.


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