Birth Pool In A Box Eco REGULAR Professional Pool Package – Waterbirth Solutions
Birth Pool In A Box Eco REGULAR Professional Pool Package
Birth Pool In A Box Eco REGULAR Professional Pool Package
Birth Pool In A Box Eco REGULAR Professional Pool Package
Birth Pool In A Box Eco REGULAR Professional Pool Package
Birth Pool In A Box Eco REGULAR Professional Pool Package
Birth Pool In A Box Eco REGULAR Professional Pool Package
Birth Pool In A Box Eco REGULAR Professional Pool Package

Birth Pool In A Box Eco REGULAR Professional Pool Package

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Birth Pool in a Box - Hospital Grade REGULAR size Tub - with one liner and Deluxe Kit

The #1 birth pool on the market to support your thriving business! No fuss, no hassle, no kiddie pools. You are supported by the Industry's BEST Customer Service, BEST Product Warranty, and the ONLY Birth Pool with Product Liability Insurance.

Easy Use, Easy Cleanup, Best Experience! We love midwives and we are here to Support You!

Elevate your midwifery practice with the #1 birth pool designed to foster your thriving business! Say goodbye to fuss, hassle, and makeshift kiddie pools. Instead, enjoy the exceptional support provided by the industry's leading customer service, unbeatable product warranty, and the one-and-only birth pool backed by product liability insurance.

Effortless Use, Seamless Cleanup, Unmatched Experience! We adore midwives, and we're here to empower you!

  • Unrivaled Warranty: Experience peace of mind with our 40-use/4-year warranty, the best in the business!
  • Robust and Resilient: The Hospital Grade pool is meticulously crafted for busy midwives, suitable for homebirths or hospital settings. Every detail—from the material thickness to the padded floor—has been designed with durability and heavy use in mind.
  • Spacious Design: The Regular size is large enough to comfortably accommodate two people.
  • Triple Safety Assurance: Three independent wall chambers provide increased safety and adjustable height for personalized comfort.
  • Immaculate Hygiene: Patented form-fitting disposable liners ensure a pristine, sanitary environment for each birth.
  • Eco-Conscious and Safe: Made without phthalates, lead, or cadmium, our pool is better for the environment and better for you and your clients.
  • Perfect Depth: Our pool is deep enough to offer buoyancy without compromising midwife support.
  • Inviting and Comfortable: This doesn't look like a medical device; it's a warm, welcoming space for expectant mothers.
  • Ergonomic Support: Double-reinforced handles are thoughtfully positioned for your client's ultimate comfort.
  • Swift Filling: Fill the pool in as little as 40 minutes or up to 3 hours, depending on water pressure and hot water tank size.
  • Quick Inflation: Prepare your birth pool in just 15-25 minutes, ensuring everything is ready when you need it.
  • Dependable Stability: Once filled, the pool's sides can support up to 210 lbs (95.5 kg) without collapsing, offering peace of mind and security.

Invest in the Birth Pool in a Box Hospital Grade Regular Size Tub today and elevate your midwifery practice with the ultimate birth pool solution! Order now and experience the difference for yourself and your clients!

Structurally engineered for birth - You can depend on it!

What's in a Deluxe Kit?

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How many days until I receive my shipment?

Every product in our eStore is In-stock. We ship within 24 hours after your order is placed, many times on the same day. We offer both FedEx and US Postal Service shipping options. When you place your order, you are given many options to suit your particular situation.

FedEx Ground tends to be the most economical for larger packages and takes roughly 5 working days to cross the country. Depending on where you’re located, your package may arrive sooner. Here is FedEx Ground Map that estimates ship time from Port Hadlock, Washington. USPS Priority Mail takes 2-3 Days and is economical for small shipments like one or two liners or DVDs.

In calculating travel time, please note that FedEx does not count shipment day as a travel day. For instance, if your package is estimated to take 5 days to reach you and ships on a Wed, it will arrive on the following Wed. FedEx Business Ground does not deliver on Saturday. FedEx Home Ground does deliver on Saturday. However, they do not deliver on Monday.

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USPS Parcel Post takes 6-10 days within the Continental US. Hawaii can take 3-8 weeks via Parcel Post. Apparently, it goes on a very slow barge! So plan accordingly.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we ship to Canada. If you want to see your shipping options, enter your order with your name and address, and then before you pay, you will see all your shipping options. You can reset your order at any time. A purchase with Waterbirth Solutions is payment for PRODUCT and SHIPPING.

CANADIAN TAXES and CUSTOMS FEES There are multiple taxes due throughout Canada. Waterbirth Solutions is not responsible for any duty or taxes collected by the Canadian Government. If you choose FedEx Ground to Canada, they will collect duty or taxes at the time of delivery. Please read here for more information on TAXES and CUSTOMS FEES.

CANADIAN DUTY Due to NAFTA, products made in the USA and CANADA are exempt from Duty Taxes. As of 2010, 6.5% Duty was charged on all items made in countries other than the USA and CANADA. Please check with the Border Agency for current Duty charges.

All of our Pools and Custom Fit Liners are made in China. Our Disposable Liners are made in the USA, so they are exempt from Duty. Most of the items in our Kits are also made in China.


We recommend you set-up your birth pool when you first receive it to ensure it is working properly. We recommend you allow the birth pool to acclimate to room temperature for 72 hours (especially if it just came off a delivery truck in the middle of winter!) After it acclimates, inflate all chambers and allow it to sit overnight. It should hold air and be firm in the morning. In the unlikely event of a manufacturer’s defect, please contact us promptly via or at (877) 811-0238, so we can resolve the issue immediately.

Please ensure there is enough shipping time before your due date. We are not responsible if you place an order, receive it promptly, and you’re unable to use it.

Birth is an uncontrollable event, and we’d like to provide for some flexibility. If you receive your order but cannot use it for medical reasons and it is completely unopened (still sealed), we will give you a refund of less than a 20% re-stocking fee once you ship the order back to us. The cost of shipping is your responsibility.

Birth Supplies, DVDs, Books, and Opened Birth Pools are non-refundable unless defective.

If you order a pool and change your mind once you’ve received it, we will give you an in-store credit to purchase the pool you desire. Only unopened pools can be returned.

Any questions, please give us a call at (877) 811-0238.
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